KPK Govt National Programme for Family Planning and Primary Health Care

 All data taken from KPK Health Dept Website




The National Programme for FP and PHC was launched in NWFP in mid 1994 with the aim to provide PHC and FP services to the community at their door steps by training and deploying 100,000 LHWs in the country and 15909 LHWs in NWFP in phased manner.




  • To develop the necessary health manpower in support of the Programme by selection, training and deployment of 100,000 LHWs throughout the country
  • To address the primary health care problems in the community, providing promotive, preventive, curative and appropriate rehabilitative services to which the entire population has effective access.
  • To bring about community participation through creation of awareness, changing of attitudes, organization and mobilization of support.
  • To expand the family planning services availability in urban slums and rural areas of Pakistan.




  • ADP (It is federally Funded and not on provincial ADP)                             Nil
  • Cost of the programme                                                                                        21533.5 M
  • Cost of programme including (RHP)                                                 22460.6 M
  • Year wise breakdown of cost of NWFP chapter of NP for FP&PHC

(Excluding purchase of Medicine, Vehicle, Printing, Media Campaign)


03-04 (M) 04-05 (M) 05-06 (M) 06-07 (M) 07-08 (M) Total
208.892 320.197 423.426 449.457 463.019 1864.99 million




Period of the Programme                                     2003-2008

(Program has been extended till Jun. 2009)




The detailed breakup of the present status of the programme in NWFP as on 31st October 2008 is as below:


S.#   Status
1 Number of Districts 24
2 Districts involved in Programme 24
3 Population Covered by LHWs (Target) 63%
4 No. of Health Facilities involved 729
5 Presently Working LHWs 12953
6 Under Training LHWs 0
7 No. of LHWs Supervisors 529
8 Drivers 443


LHWs Selected during year 2007-2008             =              636

LHSs Selected during year 2007-2008               =              61




  • Starting of National Program in district Kohistan.
  • Women empowerment by creating 15909 job opportunities in NWFP.
  • Financial Management trainings carried out for EDOs (Health), DCNPs and Account Supervisors.
  • Organizing one month course for DCNPs on Primary Health Care and Health System Development at Aga Khan University Karachi.
  • 63% of the population of NWFP is covered by LHWs.
  • Training of LHWs to give routine EPI vaccination in seven Phase-I districts.
  • LHWs have been actively involved in EPI activities, DOTs, nutrition activities such as promotion of breast feeding and iodized salt.
  • LHWs carry out AFP surveillance for detection of polio cases and provision of vitamin A to approx. 16 million children during NIDs.
  • Training of LHWs in Community IMCI (Child Health).
  • Successful conduction of Maternal Mortality Conference (MMC) at the provincial level.
  • Successful conduction of Child Health and Sanitation Week at District Mardan.
  • Safe Motherhood activities including promotion of antenatal care, clean delivery practices and post natal care.
  • As assessment done by FPIU of all the Provincial PIUs, RPIUs and ICT, the PPIU NWFP was ranked on the Top which was also appreciated by Secretary to Govt. of NWFP vide letter No. 6-165/ECO/PC/H/ Vol-IV/2005-06 Dated 07-11-2006.
  • PPIU NWFP is ranked 1st on the basis of performance among 4 provinces and 4 regions of the country in the last annual review meeting of Provincial Coordinators held in 2007 at Federal PIU, Islamabad.
  • In the recently conducted FPOs survey, NWFP is considered on Top among other provinces and regions.
  • Active involvement of National Program staff in the relief activities during natural calamities.
  • To achieve the target allocation of 15909 LHWs in NWFP, recruitment of 2956 LHWs during 2008-2009 is under process.

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