By Dr Sajad Ahmad

Pakistan can benefit from family medicine as a speciality, in this latest editorial written for KMUJ, I discuss some of the basic arguments for a better primary healthcare system.

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THIS ARTICLE MAY BE CITED AS: Ahmad S. Family medicine: A saviour of ill healthcare in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and beyond. Khyber Med Univ J 2016; 8(4): 165-166

Google Scholar citation: Ahmad S. FAMILY MEDICINE A SAVIOUR OF ILL HEALTHCARE IN KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA AND BEYOND. Khyber Medical University Journal. 2017 Feb 25;8(4):165.


Primary Healthcare reforms in Pakistan.

by Dr. Sajad Ahmad,

Pakistan as a country needs to a lot more  to improve its healthcare. We have been raising the profile of family medicine together with a better system for the implementation of a modern primary healthcare. It is clear that to achieve the WHO millennium goals politicians need to come up with a clear exhaustive policy which needs to be followed through to the end.

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Citation : Ahmad S, Qidwai W. Primary health care reforms in Pakistan: A mandatory requirement for successful healthcare delivery. MIDDLE EAST JOURNAL OF FAMILY MEDICINE.;7(10).


Family Medicine Made Compulsory Subject in MBBS Program: Implications for Health Care in Pakistan and the Region

By Waris Qidwai
Family Medicine is an emerging specialty that offers cost effective, frontline, and comprehensive health care services. It is considered mandatory for the success of any health care delivery system.
Pakistan Medical and Dental Council has taken the courageous step, mandating all medical colleges in Pakistan to have department of Family Medicine and an examination paper on Family Medicine in Final year MBBS program. Repercussions of this PMDC directive will have far reaching and favorable impact on health care delivery and services in Pakistan. PMDC has placed Pakistan in the forefront in healthcare reform in the region and now it is up to all stakeholders to enforce PMDC directive in true letter and spirit.
Keywords: Family practice, General practice, Family physicians, undergraduate medical education.
(ASH & KMDC 20(1):85;2015).

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